International Paint Micron AP Antifouling

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International Micron AP antifouling is an advanced performance for difficult fouling in all environments.  Micron AP is a product that is formulated for use in challenging high fouling areas such as tropical waters and known difficult fouling regions.

Micron AP is a high strength antifouling, incorporating Biolux technology, that offers protection in most fouling conditions.Polishing technology ensures a continuous renewal of the active layer of the paint which results in a hull that stays cleaner for longer and without a heavy build up of old paint.  Especially suitable for use in difficult fouling conditions and warmer water conditions.

Features include extended launching time, for use on fibreglass, wood and primed underwater metals (except aluminium); easy application, available in a range of colours; quick drying.

For further information, please refer to Product Data Sheet.

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