ENO Allure 3-Burner Gimbaled Marine Stove with Oven

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ENO Allure 3 (also known as Gascogne) 3-burner Gimbaled Marine Stove with Oven features a compact, gimbaled design with rugged stainless steel construction, convenient electronic ignition and stylish see-thru black glass oven door.Safety features include thermocouple gas shutoffs, pot holders and stove top surrounded on three sides by raised flame guard that also help to keep culinary masterpieces where they belong.Designed to run using LPG, propane, or butane.

  • Burner output: 1 kW (3400 Btu), 1.75 kW (6000 Btu) / 2.50 kW (8500 Btu)
  • Oven output: 1.80 kW (6100 Btu)
  • Oven volume: 26 L (0.91 ft3)

For dimension reference, please refer to this Dimension Drawing

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