3M 08813 Complete Fuel System Cleaner

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3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner is a high quality fuel tank additive that effectively cleans fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers - removing carbon, gum, resin and varnish deposits to help improve fuel economy and restore power.

With the increased use of lower and mixed qualities of discount petrol (gasoline), the need for cleaning your engine from the inside-out is becoming increasingly important.  The build up of deposits affects engine performance, causing poor fuel economy, loss of horsepower, rough idling and hesitations when stepping on the gas pedal.  These problems are often first noticed when starting the vehicle, after driving shorter distances or driving at lower speeds.

By adding a quality fuel additive / cleaner, like 3M Fuel System Cleaner, it can prevent and even eliminate problems. Using this fuel system cleaner every 4800 - 6400 km can keep the engine clean and running efficiently.  Fuel system cleaners are a small investment in better automotive performance.

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