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Message from the Owner & Founder

Dear Reader,

Welcome September 2018 high season is just around the conner. With some unfortunate low season accidents in Phuket, vessel safety, understanding and maintenance have made local marine authorities more aware of the importance of safety.

As a Shipwrights and Boatbuilder for 35 years and the owner of Precision Shipwright Services, I have seen huge changes in construction technique and product qulity on several thousand yachts during my carrer.

I would like to advise from my experience the concerns I have with below-waterline plumbing. Firstly there are many grades of thru hull fittings and seacocks used on yachts - Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Marelon (polymer composite) to name a few. There are in all parts of the world non-marine grade fittings - agriculture and household type which are not manufactured for electrolysis and saltwater use. I still see many yachts using several fittings containing low grade stanless steel even normal mild steel, brass and low grade plastic below waterline.

Always remember that aluminium yachts should only use Marelon and remember Marelon will not corrode or have any electrolysis issue.

Further down the track, seawater hoses and particularly "hose clamps" that some yachts have installed are concerning and dangerous. There are increasing amounts of low budget, low quality fittings readily available. It is always particularly interesting to research brands before buying. Some don't even exist! Many are not branded for obvious reasons of legal issues.

Always try to use the correct type of hose for the application. Most bilge pump hoses are not certified for below waterline use. Only use the correct qulity hose. Below waterline plumbing is one of the most important areas of your yacht to maintain, so keep on top of it.

And remember...... Don't put peoples lives at risk to save money!

Wish you all happy and safe boating.

Owner and Founder
East Marine Co Ltd
Scott Bradley